Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Are you getting all of your usable Wedding Photos?

You may not be if the photographer does not do retouching on all the photos that need it. When there is a backlighting situation at your wedding (like the sun behind the people - indoors or out), the photographer has to guess how much exposure compensation to use to get the foreground properly exposed. I use special software to correct the exposure (and the color - there are settings on the camera for white balance but they are approximate) so that you don't have missing photos due to exposure problems or color correction. Other photographers may not use this software and will probably leave some photos out of the ones that they give to you due to exposure and color problems. Those photos that I save may become your favorites.

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I shot Earl Campbell in 1971 high school football game

In 1971, I was loaned an expensive camera from my friend, he was a freelance photographer shooting at a high school football game in Tyler, Texas (my hometown) John Tyler high school was playing and they were on the 40 yard line. I was on the goal line. They gave the ball to a halfback and he ran it directly toward me before dragging two tacklers several yards and ending up on the 6 yard line. Jeez. This guy was good. I had retreated to the end of the end zone. I snapped the photo and it made the local newspaper (I did not know it made the paper until weeks later and at that time Campbell was not famous, so I didn't get a copy of the picture). It was Earl Campbell and he had two brothers on the team as well. He went on to play for UT Austin, then went pro with the Houston Oilers and the New Orleans Saints. A year or two before I had been shooting with a late 50s graphflex bellows type camera and using a darkroom to blow up the black and white poster size pictures of portraits and drag racing cars. After that experience I decided to buy my own SLR film camera. Back then light meters were not available in cameras, but you could buy one separately which I did. I have owned over a dozen film cameras. The next year I shot my first wedding.

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